The Glorious 10th Anniversary Celebration of Yiqilian

  • 2017-06-13 17:17:57
  • jiashixiao
  In the past decade
  Yiqilian Technology has grasped the spirit of the time
  Has activated the new force
  Has followed the latest business model
  Has grown with every passing day
  Has continuously bloomed out the most magnificent color in the hall of digital marketing…
  On April 28, the glorious 10th anniversary celebration of Yiqilian will be opened in the Bird’s Nest Cultural Center – Beijing – China passionately; setting “Make the Dream Stronger” as the theme, it will bed ivided into six chapters of “high-end, impression, tender feelings, quality, climax and joy”, and will integrate the ten-year accumulations with the futurism. At that time, hundreds of partners and Join-Cheer Software family members will gather together to join it!
  Organized by Yiqilian Technology and co-organized by Join-Cheer Software, Join-Cheer Digital Network, Dianru Mobile, PandaMobo and Evermotion, this celebration will directly hit the global future from exploring the secrets of the ten-year elegance and talents; from the perspective of development and based on the combination and optimization of the diversified business, resources and products, it will focus on interpreting the value of Join-Cheer Digital System. Create the rumination with accumulations; create the future with the innovations.
  Time follows and the fame spreads far and wide. In the feast where Yiqilian’s ten-year struggles and growth have been accumulated, there will be the artist programs including fascinating vigorous dance solo, musical instrument playing, model T-shaped platform show, fancy bartending and parent-child chorus; there will also be the interaction links including the funny games, hottest lucky draw and puppet show; what’s more, the climaxes including the stirring opening ceremony and the innovative product release will come out. Yiqilian Technology will take you to feel the strong cultural atmosphere, take a bird’s-eye view of the green grasses, taste the good wine and delicious food and harvest the mysterious memorial gifts of the limited edition.
  From April 11, the official invitation lettershavebeen formally released to the outside to sincerely invite the global partners including the advertisers, developers, media, channel parties and the third-party research institutes/service platforms to gather together and witness the ten-year glory of Yiqilian Technology.
  Perfect transformation after steeling itself for ten years; Yiqilian, with “keep improving” as itsmarketing attitude, has always devoted itself to sharingthe safe, interesting, fresh and efficient marketing modes with the partners.
  Refinement is a posture and a kind of insistence to the utmostextent!
  It is just because of this sticking to the quality that has made Yiqilian move toward the diversification and internationalization atthe steady paces and it has continuously made its own breakthroughs whether in the strategic layout and business expansion or technology upgrading and service optimization. In the future, Yiqilian will continue sedulously providing the most valuable services for the global partners.
  Be in the Bird’s Nest Cultural Center – Beijing on April 28!