AD STARS representatives visited Yiqilian Headquarters and profoundly focused on the digital advertising!

  • 2017-06-13 15:54:54
  • jiashixiao
  On the morning of February21, Yiqilian Headquarters had the delegation including Vice President of AD STARS Park Taolie and Deputy Director General Park Mingzhu coming. President/CEO of Yiqilian Technology Wang Xin and Executive Vice President Li Yong warmly received them. They carried out the carefree exchanges of AD STARS, China’s digital marketing development and future cooperation direction.
  After the brief exchange and introduction, Vice President Park Taolie exchanged the WeChat accounts with Wang Xin and Li Yong in a way of going native, and Mr. Park expressed that South Korea also had a kind of APP called “kakao talk” similar to China’s WeChat, and Wang Xin and Li Yong generated the strong interest in it. The guests expressed that the mobile APP software had become the indispensable element of human life, social contact and entertainment around the world and the advertising carried with them as the media had also become the first choice of brand promotion.
  Later, they carried out the communications on the current situations and developments of the advertising industry in China and South Korea and actively exchanged the opinions and views on them.
  During the period, Mr. Park introduced the overall situation of AD STARS.As the international event mainly supported by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Busan MunicipalGovernment, AD STARS hasal ways kept pace with the times and hence it also added the digital marketing forum last year and began to decompose the concerns from the traditional advertising and advertising creativity to the technology, digital and intelligence fields.
  Wang Xin agreed, and he thought digital marketing was a trend of the advertising marketing development around the world and China’s digital marketing was a huge market. Asaglobalized Internet big data marketing service platform, Yiqilian’s business modules covered China’s domestic market, overseas market and the game release market.
  A kind of accurate and effective promotion mode was urgently needed whether for the Chinese brands to go abroad or the overseas brands to come into China, and the digital marketing forum set up by AD STARS was indeed an exchange opportunity to promote the globalized resource grafting and cooperative promotion of Yiqilian.
  Mr. Park also expressed, “from the perspective of the Korean market, exactly, the middle and small-sized enterprises have valued the Chinese market very much but they have not got the right way”. He said, “precision marketing will be their effective reference channel, and whether in China or in South Korea, putting the eggs in the baskets of those in need is the right promotion mode.”
  As the hosts, Wang Xin and Li Yong led the delegation to visit Yiqilian’s many aspects including office environment, that is, Yiqilian’s development course, business models, product services and the future development planning and deeply exchanged with the delegation members in the form of whole-course interaction.
  In the exchange, Li Yong supplemented that globalization and technology, as the two leading factors, have thoroughly changed the face of the traditional world. As an important part of the economic activity, marketing has also evolved into a kind of globalized activity; Yilqilian is also like this, and with the open layout of business facing to the world, we need to introduce the international and domestic professionals such as advertising optimizer and visual creator and need to gather the cultures and markets of all the countries to realize the local marketing for different countries.
  It was learnt that AD STARS was also involved in terms of advertising talent selection, including Young Stars and New Stars. Mr. Park hoped to carry out deeper and closer cooperation with Yiqilian in the future. Wang Xin and Li Yong also expressed, as a good beginning, they hoped that they could maintain the normalization communication in the future and they also had full expectations of the cooperation in future.
  AD STARS is one of the world’s three advertising festivals, and it is also the largest advertising and creativity festival in Asia, with the reputation of “Oriental Cannes”. Mayor of Busan City Xu Bingzhu holds the concurrent post of AD STAR Committee Chairman.
  AD STARS was founded in 2008 and it is the only one international advertising festival in Korea and around the world where works could be freely submitted and reported. It is an international event under great support from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Korea and Busan Municipal Government and greatly supported and funded by the advertising industry and various enterprises. With growing international influence of AD STARS, in 2016, the proportion of submitted works from overseas countries exceeded 75% and the submission scale displayedan increase trend .Works submitted from Asian countries occupied the largest share (81.3%) and the publicity of this Advertising Festival in America also becameprominent.