Yiqilian Technology was selected as one of 2016 Top 100 Beijing Brands

  • 2017-06-13 15:34:09
  • jiashixiao
  On the afternoon of January, 9, 2016, Top 100 Beijing Brands Press Conference was opened in Beijing. Beijing Yiqilian Technology Co., Ltd., due to its outstanding market performance, development potential, quality level and benefit level, was elected as one member of “2016 Top 100 Beijing Brands” after quality certification and approvalby Asia Brand Research Institute and ABAS Expert Committee, which added another brilliant footnote to the vision of Yiqilian that creates the “global digital marketing platform” and deeply clarifies the leading role of Dianru Mobile, its domestic business and PandaMobo, its overseas business in the digital marketing brand.
  “2016 Top 100 Beijing Brands” was issued by Asiabr and, an authoritative brand value systematic service provider in Asia, and Yiqilian Technology, Bai du, BAIC Group, Beijing Shougang, Datang International, JD, SANY, GOME, Lenovo Group, sina.com.cn, Xiaomi Technology, PKU Founder, NCI, CITIC Guo’an, Beijing Tongrentang, China Resources Zi zhu Pharmacy, New Classics Media and CYTS were simultaneously elected.
  Brand represents quality, benefit and competiveness and it also symbols the vitality of an enterprise. Therefore, the authoritative certification with regard to brand value is always accompanied by fierce competition, as “2016 Top 100 Beijing Brands”, which was believed enjoying commercial effectiveness, professional authority and global influence. Therefore, it is a qualification certification that a large number of enterprises attach considerable importance to. The selected enterprises not only obtain comprehensive measurement and evaluation of their respective brand value, but also provide scientific basis and effective guidance for their own comprehensive resources matching and reasonable increase in brand value.
  Successful selection of Yiqilian is benefited from its quite outstanding market share and brand influence in 2016.
  Market performance: Driving by two fields, the brand effect outstands!
  The continuous optimization layout, as well as the synergistic effect of multi service integration, continuously releases energy. In the past 2016, continuous growth of Dianru Mobile in APP full-scheme marketing, game issuance, self-media marketing, socialization marketing and other core business provided powerful support for reassessment of the overall brand value. The internationalized business layout also occupied an absolute advantageous position in the whole industry. Pandamobo precisely mastered the window phase of the industry and firstly penetrated into the industry integrating Internet, cross-border e-commerce, tourism, IT and the conventional manufacturing. Therefore, it became the real first brand of “Internet +” overseas marketing.
  Even more valuable is that, Dianru Mobile and PandaMobo always integrate partners with the common business interests, and then, take advantage of share of information and resources during the whole business cycle to realize and satisfy the demands of customers for the full-scheme customization and continuously maintain its own brand vitality at the same time.
  Development potential: Market impact absolutely strong backed by the top-end digital communication brand!
  At present, both Dianru Mobile and PandaMobo have joined the “Joint-Cheer Digital Communication”, a digital marketing brand built by Joint-Cheer Software, their parent company with large investment. As a vice-president unit of the Big Data Industry Alliance of China and a member of China Top 50 Big Data Enterprises, Joint-Cheer, together with Yiliqian and brother companies, relying on accumulation in terms of big data management, technological superiority and investment in research and development of Joint-Cheer, and guidance of Joint-Cheer Digital Communication platform, is bound to keep rising steadily in terms of resources integration and business collaboration, especially EverMotion and Listen to Your Data, both of which are Joint-Cheer Digital Communication members.
  In 2017, the development potential of the full business line of Yiqilian will be more promising, including advantages in data exploration, precise placement, platform operation, full-scheme marketing and overseas marketing, especially targeting international first-tier brands.
  It was reported from the Press Conference that, the brands listed covered 47 industries and there were 9 enterprises whose brand value exceeded RMB 100 billion and 30 enterprises whose brand value was between RMB 10 billion and RMB 100 billion. There were 30 manufacturing enterprises listed, occupying 30% among all the listed enterprises. Internet brands listed owned outstanding performance, which were represented by Baidu, JD, Levono, Yiqilian Technology, Sina and Xiaomi. With full advancement of development and application of big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, new model, new mode and new scene occur to each field. Issuance of the relevant policies provides support for healthy development of Internet industry and progress of Internet technologies drives development of the whole market.
  With regard to the qualification acting as one of 2016 Top 100 Beijing Brands, Wang Xin, the directorof Joint-Cheer Software, the responsible person of Joint-Cheer Digital Communication and President/CEO of Yiqilian Technology declared, “This is the enhancement on qualification of Dianru Mobile and pandaMobo, as well as brand influence of Joint-Cheer Digital Communication and reflects the correctness of Yiqilian marketing strategies in business expansion, industrial integration and adaptive output”.
  In addition, both Dianru Mobile and Pandamobo won multiple authoritative recognitions previously. Dianru Mobile powerfully advanced into 2016 Top 100 China Big Data Innovation Enterprises, and was rated as “Annual Optimal Digital Marketing System”, “Annual Optimal Mobile Advertising Placement Tool” and “Annual Optimal Digital Marketing Tool”. PandaMobo was rated as the “Global Most Desirable Marketing Enterprise”, “2016 Superior Partner of South China E-commerce Alliance” and the “2016 China Mainland Fastest Growth Channel Partner of Google”.
  It is reported that, “2016 Top 100 Beijing Brands” was issued by Asiabrand, the most authoritative brand value systematic service provider in Asia and jointly reviewed by Asia Brand Research Institute and ABAS Expert Committee and this project was a significant election activity as active response to instructions of the Opinions on Playing the Guidance Role of Brands to Promote Upgrading of the Supply-Demand Structure ([2016] No. 44) issued by the General Office of the State Council and driving force for the national brand strategy.
  What is worth mentioning is that, ABAS Expert Committee was founded in 2006. As the most authoritative expert think tank with the most powerful influence in Asian brand research and independent evaluation, it clusters 50 famous brand management experts and economists from Asia, Europe and America as members and it owns high degree of recognition and authority in certification of qualification of Top 500 Asian Brands, Top 100 China Listed Companies and Top 100 Beijing Brands.
  Brands listed in 2015 Top 100 Beijing Brands contained Beijing Shougang, Lenovo, Beijing Hyundai, Yanjing Beer, PKU Founder, GOME, BAIC Foton, JD, Bank of Beijing and other renowned enterprises.