2016 China’s Big Data Industry Development Trend and Market Scale Prediction

  • 2016-07-26 11:10:22
  • jiashixiao

The big data have the characteristics such as big volume, diversified structure and strong timeliness; the big data are not only “big” but also “new”, and they are the complex of new resources, new tools and new applications. In the future, with the diversification of the application fields, there will be more and more demands for the big data technology, and the big data market space will increase rapidly combined with cloud computing. In 2016, how will the development trend of big data be? How will its market scale change? Let’s have a look~
 Application fields of the big data
  Currently, application of the domestic big data mainly focuses on a few industries such as finance, Internet marketing and telecommunications. With the publicity of the government data and the other industries’ own demands, the application fields of industrial big data have continuously expanded and permeated to the government operation, medical treatment and industry, etc. from the finance, Internet marketing and telecommunications. Application of big data is divided into three categories based on the different purposes, i.e., business application, public utilities application and technology research and development application. Specifically, business big data application is the application of big data with the profit as the main purpose.
  Currently, the common applications include:
  (1) The marketing big data applications such as the individualized recommendation, cross recommendation and brand monitoring based on data such as the users’ personal information, behavior, location and Weibo. Due to its clear business mode and wide and strong market demands, currently, it is the hottest and most general application on the Internet currently and generally adopted by the Internet advertising, e-commerce, Weibo, video, dating and other companies.
  (2) The big data applications of trading assistant such as operation analysis report based on the trading data of the users and stores have gradually become the tools necessary to the e-commerce enterprises currently.
  (3) The network safety big data applications utilizing the website dynamic data to conduct the real-time monitoring and early-warning of the network state, website analysis optimization and website information safety protection (such as user information protection, anti-network attack, anti-phishing and anti-junk mails).
  (4) Big data applications of public service are the big data applications focusing on providing services for the public but not with profit as the purpose.  The typical case is that the flu, dengue and other epidemic disease forecasting application developed by Google could find the outbreak situation of epidemic situation one week earlier than the official body. There have also been the search engine companies providing the public big data service such as Spring Festival passenger flow analysis and missing children search.

(5)Big data applications of technology research and development are the applications utilizing the big data technology to promote the research and development of the cutting-edge technology and improve the product performance continuously.

Value of big data

   Market scale of big data

  After being popular several years ago, big data have tended to be mature in the aspects of technology and application currently and begun to enter into the rapid development stage of industry after gradually experiencing the exploration stage and market starting stage. The great application value of big data has driven the rapid development of the big data industry and the industry scale has increased rapidly. As of 2014, the global market scale of the big data had grown to the space of USD 30 billion. It is predicted that 2018 compound annual rate of growth of the technology and service markets of the big data till 2017 will reach 26.4% and the scale will reach USD 41.5 billion, which will be 6 times of the increase of the whole IT market. The market scale of big data is expected to reach USD 61.16 billion by 2020 and the compound annual rate of growth will reach 26%.


  Global big data industry market prediction

  China’s big data industry started late but developed rapidly. The rapid development of Internet and mobile Internet accelerated the generation of data and increased their scale so the approach of big data was badly in need to be used to conduct analysis and processing to extract and purify the effective information in them. In 2014, the market scale in China reached RMB 76.7 billion, with an year-on-year growth of 27.8%. It was expected that the scale of China’s big data industry would reach RMB 822.881 billion. The compound annual rate of growth during 2015-2017 would reach 51.5%. In 2014, the scale of China’s big data application market was RMB 8.054 billion, with the year-on-year growth of 3.2%; it was expected that the market scale would increase by 37.3% to RMB 11.056 billion in 2015 and the scale of China’s big data application market would increase to RMB 501.958 billion. The compound growth speed during 2015-2017 would be 87.8%

China’s big data industry scale market and prediction during 2014 – 2020

  The global big data market structure has been evolving from the monopolistic competition to the pattern of complete competition. In 2014, the quantity of enterprises increased rapidly, the difference degree of products and services increased, the technology threshold gradually declined and the market competition become more intense. In the global big data market, the industry solution, computing and analysis service, storage service, database service and big data application were the market segments ranking the top in the market shares, and they respectively occupy the market shares of 35.4%, 17.3%, 14.7%, 12.5% and 7.9%. The cloud service occupies 6.3% market shares; the basic software occupies 3.8% market shares; the network service only occupies 2% market shares.

2014 global big data market segments

2011 – 2017 global big data market segment scale and prediction
  The domestic big data industry has presented the certain characteristics. From the industry structure, the big data applications have mainly focused on the fields such as finance, Internet marketing, telecommunications, sales and government; the big data have also been applied in the medical treatment and tourism industries, but the proportion are relatively low.
  With the increasing expansion of the application fields of big data, better prospect and more value of the Internet industry application, the marketing mode covering the Internet advertising originality, big data collection and optimization and RTB cross-screen marketing, etc., to precisely and effectively utilize the big data, as the global mobile big data marketing platform, Yiqilian Technology has got through the multi-field data channels at the mobile terminals and conducted the effective integration, including the top channels such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Inmobi, Baidu, Tencent and Toutiao.org. It has effectively permeated to multiple fields such as the people’s livelihood, traffic, communication, Internet, finance, real estate, energy, chemical industry, tourism, food, daily use chemical, safety and business.
  Under the condition that the scales of the international and domestic big data markets have increased continuously, their business value has attracted most of the attention; thus, with “internationalization, valuation, precision” as the marketing view, Yiqilian Technology has effectively connected the external top channel data, globalized PMD and cross-screen big data in series to form the big data marketing solutions with the leading advantages, and has promoted the integration between the mobile terminal data and PC terminal data and coverage of more fields by virtue of the storage of the member enterprises such as Join-Cheer Zhitong, Join-Cheer Longxin and CHNSYS under its parent company Join-Cheer system in the fields of data, product and technology and through establishment of the resource interworking and innovative business mode so as to create the business value.