E-family culture 丨 Wang Xin came to the front of the office area of VFOU; The senior executives celebrated the first anniversary for PandaMobo

  • 2016-05-19 10:27:56
  • jiashixiao

On the evening of May 19, 2016, head of E-family Mr. Wang Xin came to the front of VFOU with the senior executives of the Group to care and greet the front employees of VFOU on behalf of the Company. That the senior executives came to the front this time reflected the company’s enterprise management concept of “people oriented”, recognized the front employees’ work and guided the work direction.
  On the evening of May 20, 2016, the senior executives of E-family celebrated the first anniversary for PandaMobo in Beijing; this first anniversary celebration not only announced the course of the first year, but also announced that PandaMobo platform helped China’s brands to walk toward internalization steadily based on “Internet +”.
  President of Yiqilian Technology Wang Xin came to the front of office area of VFOU
  On May 19, President of Yiqilian Technology Wang Xin with senior executives of the Group came to the Pan-entertainment self-media platform - VFOU subordinate to Yiqilian Technology to greet and care the employees struggling in the front on behalf of the company.

As the most influential and innovative ASO media in the industry, VFOU attracted the highly social attention from all walks of life; under such situation, President Wang encouraged the employees to summarize and study continuously, create the good result in the performance and generate the highlights in the products in the premise of working comfortable and taking every step practically so as to strive to help the advertisers to realize the precise putting with the minimum cost and maximize the acquisition of the real and effective natural traffic.

  President of Yiqilian Wang Xin shared his own experience
The senior executives of E-family celebrated the first anniversary for PandaMobo in Beijing

On May 20, 2016, Yiqilian’s subordinate overseas business platform PandaMobo held its first anniversary celebration in Beijing, and head of E-family Wang Xin celebrated for PandaMobo with the senior executives Li Yong, Liu Qing, Li Yunhui, Wen Yunlong and Li Jinlan and the representative of Join-Cheer Software; the men in tuxedo with bow walked leisurely with the ladies in the beautiful dress and the shiny accessories arm in arm. The handsome men and charming ladies were shot so many times before the spotlight and left their pretty images before the sign-in board.

Established for one year, in the past year, PandaMobo has become the core partner of the world-largest three top media platforms Google Adwords, Facebook and Twitter in the region of Greater China after the continuous exploration and summarization; the group has been expanded from the initial 10 members to nearly 100 members; the big customers such as BAT have been included; the business has radiated to multiple mobile Internet fields such as APP, e-commerce and mobile games.

Head of E-family Wang Xin as well as Vice President and PandaMobo General Manager Li Lei signed on the anniversary sign-in board

PandaMobo General Manager Li Lei said: PandaMobo has always challenged itself, insisted and innovated, and has conducted the new mode of overseas digital marketing easily in the way that others dare not and cannot think of. PandaMobo, such a young entrepreneurial company has attracted more attention just because of this. Panda is “going to the world from being a national treasure”, and PandaMobo has gradually become the first platform of “Internet + going overseas” nowadays from the mobile advertising marketing, which is just like that a child is growing up slowly. We will still bear the pressure continuously and rise to the challenges. We will struggle at the front of PandaMobo at every moment with the unique splendor and enthusiasm of the generation born in the 1990s.

  In the celebration on that evening, in addition to sharing the delights harvested by the group, it also specially arranged to reward the outstanding employees, which expressed full of the enterprise’s care. The links such as “meritorious staff” decoration ceremony and creative award for employees make all the people on the scene moved. Several rounds of games for interaction during the evening party pushed the happy atmosphere on the scene to the high tide.