Li Keqiang attended Big Data Expo 丨 Yiqilian has focused on Guiyang and it is the right time to take off from “Cloud”

  • 2016-07-08 15:05:43
  • jiashixiao

2016 China Big Data Industry Summit & China E-commerce Innovation and Development Summit has begun in Guiyang. This Summit is an important grand meeting to implement and carry out the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s series of important speeches and to boost the construction of the powerful country in network based on the new development concept and is an important activity after the state implements the big data strategy and establishes the first comprehensive testing area of big data. Premier of State Council Li Keqiang attended the opening ceremony of 2016 Big Data Expo and made the speech.
  Yiqilian Technology and ten thousands of distinguished guests from all over the world gathered in Guiyang, including the global experts and scholars, principals of the global Top 500 enterprises, 58 colleges and universities, 45 domestic and overseas news media, more than 3,000 authorities, more than 130 city representatives, over 10 academicians and over 15,000 forum professional audiences, to discuss the development of big data and spread the value of big data jointly, which has the extraordinary significance and attracts the most attention.
  Around the “13th Five-year” Plan, Yiqilian Technology has positively participated in the theme of “data safety” to welcome the new challenges of the age of big data: Data resource management and sharing and opening, data center integration, data resource application, circulation of data elements, big data industry cluster, international cooperation of big data, system innovation for big data, etc.; by continuously concluding the referable, reproduced and propagable practical experience, it can finally radiate and drive, demonstrate and guide the new age of big data.
  Meanwhile, Yiqilian family has almost dispatched “the full-line business”, including “omnipotent sea sailor” PandaMobo, “global mobile game issuance leader” Dianru Games, “domestic big data marketing expert seat” Dianru Mobile, “Pan-entertainment self-media” VFOU and its parent company Join-Cheer Software; they appeared gorgeously and so brightly.
  As the emphasis of Yiqilian’s 2016 strategic arrangement and service efforts, in constructing the big data business ecological system, Yiqilian has effectively connected the external top channels, globalized PMD and cross-screen big data in series and communicated and integrated with its parent company Join-Cheer Software System in data, resources and technology to continuously deepen the application of big data, improve the construction of the big data ecological system and conduct the data asset management and value mining and utilization.
  Yiqilian Family has expressed that after the "baptism” of Big Data Expo, more power will be injected to Yiqilian in the in-depth innovation thought of big data, systematization of the current situation of the big data industry development, focusing of the ecological power and interworking of the cross-screen and cross-circle big data. Yiqilian will also keep the consistent step with its parent company Join-Cheer Software to emphasize making efforts in “big data + people’s livelihood” and help to make the government’s decisions scientized and data-intensive and services for people’s livelihood convenient by a series of big data project practices in the field of people’s livelihoods such as poverty relief, pension, helping the disabled, education, health, forestry, agriculture and transportation.
  The big data are related to all the aspects of life, extend the national policies accordingly and guide to serve the people’s livelihood. This time, within the exhibition area, in addition to the precise poverty relief supporting system of the Poverty Relief Office of the State Council, the content of the big data system such as its parent company Join-Cheer Software’s China Building Material Industry Economic Operation and Warning Prediction System, National Education Scientific Decision Service System, National Pension Service Information System, CDPF Main Data and Statistics Analysis System, China Telecom Centralized MSS Data Analysis System and Join-Cheer’s new generation of all-media integration solution was also displayed.