Wang Xin has been invited to attend Google PEC Yiqilian presents high international service level

  • 2016-07-01 16:44:25
  • jiashixiao

Eric news flash: Recently, as the core partner of Google in the region of Greater China, CEO of Yiqilian Wang Xin has been invited to attend Google PEC’s strategic partner conference. In recent years, Goggle has gradually opened up a new prospect in China’s market through its Internet advertising business, and Yiqilian’s overseas business has also been widely recognized in the industry by virtue of its internationalized first-class service level in terms of advertising optimization, marketing data analysis and entire project integrated marketing.
  In the background of the new situation and new pattern of the global Internet advertising marketing, in recent two years, Yiqilian and Google have cooperated friendly to thoroughly discuss the new thought of the future cooperation and have gradually explored and grafted the globalized service resources to achieve the greater collaboration of both parties’ resource advantages; On one hand, Google is the genuine internalized Internet higher-up and Yiqilian is the globalized Internet marketing upstart with the gene of the Greater China’s market. The gradual integration of their resource chains will result in the industrial contribution value generated by 1 + 1 far more than 2. The in-depth cooperation between the parties will bring the positive promotion role not only in the domestic Internet marketing industry but also in the global Internet market industry pattern.
  Wang Xin (the first on the right) on the activity scene
  As is known to all, the Internet companies such as Google have entered into China for years. However, there have been more challenges to carry forward the marketing strategy steadily with the rapid changes in China’s market and international Internet marketing environment. Especially faced with the marketing offensives and the increasingly rise of the local competitors in China, Google flaunting the technological innovation has badly in need of speed up the overall arrangement in the China’s big market. In such background, as its core partner in the region of Greater China, Yiqilian helps it to expand the advertisement marketing in China, which shall be the most ideal answer. After all, only to be familiar with the localized market gene is the key factor of winning.
  Yiqilian has the main position in China’s market, and it is genuinely strong and powerful in terms of technological support, product optimization, professional reserve, industrial popularity, market share, terminal coverage and influence of the big data business ecology. Yiqilian needs the farther markets, terminal coverage in more regions and the larger-scale globalized users. Since 2015, Yiqilian has arranged the globalized and diversified development strategy rapidly and has been able to be bound with such big channel as Google; by the concerted efforts and collaboration by the parties, the advertisers in China’s advertising market will be more thoroughly developed and their service quality will be higher.
  During about 2 years in the past, the advertisers realized the click rate far more than the average level in Asia-Pacific region by Yiqilian’s putting on Google’s advertising platform, and added the innovation elements and the interactive originalities loyal to the brand proposition as well as the strategy support integrated with the newest marketing tools by the professional Google advertising optimization team to assist the customers of the types such as the brand, e-commerce, tool and mobile games to increase the overseas marketing effect, promote the users’ degree of participation, preserve and develop the user base and develop more opportunities.
  As of the second quarter, Yiqilian has realized providing the Internet marketing services in over 50 languages around the world by integrating and getting through the internationalized high-quality channels, which has covered 180 countries and regions. In addition to the market in China, it covers 1.59 billion international users monthly. Its advertising is exposed for 5 billion times in the international market monthly; it has more than 15 kinds of marketing services, advertising originalities and charging forms in the overseas markets. Thus, it has been the genuine sea Internet leading platform.
  For this meeting between Wang Xin of Yiqilian and Google executives in the US, we can also conclude it into four positive roles simply.
  I. To contribute to cooperation between the global market segments, such as depending on Google’s solid foundation in the artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, whether the smart lifer, wearable equipment or unmanned driving, VR, etc.; by discussing and communicating what advertising forms and content such equipment is suitable for;
  II. To join hands in strength so as to consolidate the competitiveness. Such competitiveness is not exclusive but has the positive promotion role of the extensive social value;
  III. To better extend the value-added services, as the in-depth cooperation between the parties, Google will more open its data and technology, and the cooperation will be further expanded to fields such as the data interworking, business complementation and technological support;
  IV. To be beneficial to explore the new service mode, bring more affordable, efficient and accurate convenience to the customers and to provide the higher-quality services.
  From Google’s recent cooperative policies, we can find its biggest strategy is to realize the customers’ continuous profits with the data technology.
  As the pioneer of data times, Google’s data technology has always been the emphasis studied and researched by the global Internet enterprises. Google once expressed: Under the full cooperation with its partners, it would realize the advertising customers’ continuous profits by the continuous innovation and data analysis technology, and developed a series of measures!
  [Measure 1] To establish the Google experience centers in the fix points around the world so as to provide the most central technological support for the advertising customers.
  The Google experience centers will integrate the resources and guide the enterprises to use the Internet to do the international trade and e-commerce, provide the enterprises with the Internet trade overall solutions and assist the enterprises to exploit the market by e-commerce, which has the profound significance on promoting the enterprises to accelerate transformation.
  [Measure 2] To provide the advertising customers with the most central data support, with the partner as the carrier.
  1. Data technical support (such as the industrial vertical data analysis tool, consumers’ network behavior analysis, consumers’ purchasing path analysis, business opportunity insight data, Google Analytics and API technology)
  2. Industrial case analysis and sharing.
  3. Advantaged industry promotion and support, etc.
  [Measure 3] To develop the search partners continuously around the world and cover more search engine users so as to maximize the advertising customers’ market opportunities.
  CEO of Yiqilian Wang Xin also disclosed that he expected Google to introduce more advertising display forms in China, such as interactive advertisement, to better meet the user experience.