CTO of Yiqilian Wen Yunlong: Power of the closed-loop

  • 2016-07-07 15:15:42
  • jiashixiao

  Yiqilian’s parent company Join-Cheer Software introduced it in the annual report like this: Presenting the “globalized, diversified”, Yiqilian’s business has accumulatively served more than 6,000 brands and Internet entrepreneurs around the world, including the global Top 500 enterprises, star mobile games and cutting-edge Internet enterprises; the business has permeated into over 180 countries and regions, and it covers over 1.5 billion mobile terminals monthly and 2.5 billion users on average monthly. In the ways such as the advertising originality optimization, big data collection and analysis, RTB mass data bidding demand processing, multi-matrix media channel development and optimized effect advertising network, Yiqilian has fully developed the value of traffic in the stereoscopic integrated operation mode to meet the advertisers’ business demands and really form the complete closed-loop of the mobile marketing.
  The writer hopes to talk with CTO of Yiqilian due to the interest in the two words “closed-loop”. How the thought of closed-loop is used in the current open advertising technology ecology? Is it a successful strategy of the technology enterprise under the full competitive situation of Internet?
  We note that Yiqilian’s products and services have a large span, including DSPAN, mobile media resources, overseas promotion platform, game issuance and Pan-entertainment self-media, and what the challenges does such business structure pose to the technology platform and business support? How have you solved and improved it?
  Wen Yunlong replies: Each of Yiqilian’s business related to the marketing has its own supporting system; both the problems solved actually and their stages are different and the core problems to be solved are also quite different, which are a continuous challenge to the technology department. We have had the clear guiding concept while dealing with such challenge. First, platformization; a lot of generality exist in the multiple businesses and this needs the product platformization to unify the multiple businesses on the consistent bottom platform; Second, servitization; servitization of the common basic functions can promote the efficiency and reduce the research and development and maintenance costs; Third, centralization and unification of data; accumulation, management and use of the audience data must be unified and centralized to avoid the isolated data island. For example, the technology decision-making level will unify the data collection of all the products and services, and introduce the data to different products by service so that each product can be supported indirectly by other products from its release to operation to form Yiqilian’s own data closed-loop.
  Which technology innovations and technology-driven innovations involved by Yiqilian in the aspect of mobile marketing, can be shared and introduced?
  Wen Yunlong replies: The field of mobile marketing is very wide, and we have accumulated a lot of successful experience in such field. The technology innovations involved in the mobile marketing mainly include the following aspects: First, audience portrayal; based on the centralized management, analysis and excavation of our own mass data and combined with the data of the third party, our DMP has had the audience portrayal capacity and can serve each business system well. Second, real-time effect assessment; Yiqilian has further proposed the ROI-based value assessment system from the perspective of the customers based on the target of users’ clicks within the industry. Third, tracing analysis of the mass input data; with the RTB module in DSP as an example, it easily has billions of bidding demands every day and also has the severe requirements for the corresponding speed; Yiqilian can cope with such problem well based on the real-time parallel processing technology of big data and provide the intuitive real-time visualization statement for the users and management personnel to provide the powerful support for optimization of putting. With the tools and games in the application and promotion as an example, we have found efforts focusing on the vertical field can form the data closed-loop with a big impetus to the business and can conduct the attribution analysis on all the effects and conversions based on the data of multiple contacts to avoid being based on the speculations; that the data closed-loop drives the business closed-loop is an important technology strategy of Yiqilian.
  How does Yiqilian think about the similarities and differences of and the opportunities in the domestic and overseas markets?
  According to Wen Yunlong’s view: In the field of mobile marketing, the domestic market is part of the global market and they have always been closely associated with and have many intercommunity, which is one of the important reasons that the companies in the mobile field can develop to the overseas smoothly. Meanwhile, they have relatively big differences. In China, there have been more than 1 billion mobile phone users, and the huge user scale results in the huge market so the huge demographic dividend exists. However, some overseas countries do not have such a condition. This is our advantage but also our problem at the same time. The local enterprises’ globalization layout will have deficiencies when they have such a large market. More and more enterprises have been aware of such problem, and going to sea and globalization have been an irresistible trend. All the markets are at different development stages, and not only China’s and overseas markets are different but also the markets in different countries and regions are different. Facing the big market of globalization, we are required to both complete the unified technological reserves and pay attention to the differences. Such differences come from different cultures in different countries and also originate in the different development stages of mobile Internet. Meanwhile, greater challenges will be faced in the aspect of technology, which will also be the great opportunities. Yiqilian carried out the overseas business from last year and achieved a good result.
  How do the data connection between Yiqilian and Join-Cheer Software system and construction of the big data business mode progress? What phased results do you have?
  Wen Yunlong explains: Yiqilian is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Join-Cheer Software. Join-Cheer Software has the longer development courser and abundant products, mass government affair data resources. On one hand, we are getting through Join-Cheer system’s data related to marketing with the date of Yiqilian system. Join-Cheer Software has also accumulated a lot of experience in processing the big data and introduction of such systems will provide the greater power for Yiqilian. Introduction of internal data has made us have an more comprehensive insight into the users and introduction of the data platform has reduced the efficiency of the research and development. This is also one of Yiqilian’s data advantages compared to other mobile marketing companies.
  As the cross-screen, cross-product and cross-channel advertisement putting has been more popular in the industry, what actions will Yiqilian take in this aspect? Is there any problem?
  For this point, Wen Yunlong answered: With the popularization of cross-screen terminals such as the smart television, tablet PC, mobile phone and PC, in terms of the cross-screen content pushing, user identification has been an opportunity of and a challenge to realizing the multi-channel advertisement putting and marketing effect management, which has been highly consistent with the logistic of the effect closed-loop evaluation that we have conducted all the time. Yiqilian has also given the solution based on the behavior analysis of the mass user data and combined with the user scene recognition to lay the foundation for the cross-screen putting. We have always researched the influences of different contacts in different channels on the final effect. Now, we not only have the domestic mobile media resources, resources purchased by DSPAN, overseas promotion platforms, but also have the self-management Pan-entertainment media and others, and we have always executed the cross-channel data management in order to manage them well. Carrying out the business in this system structure will most really build up and continuously intensify our technology capacity.
  Closed-loop and opening of the data and business shall depend on the perspective adopted by the strategy makers. In a full competitive service market, the strategy able to form different product line collaboration effect, based on the self-owned resources and regardless of the scale, is the optimal strategy, and such strategy can be reflected in the profits of products and services (2015 Join-Cheer Software Annual Report revealed that its subordinate Yiqilian realized the net profits of over RMB fifty million, which was relatively highlighted in the advertising technology circle). And it does not depend on the change and opening of the macro ecology, does not excessively depend on the third party and can form the independent data closed-loop and product closed-loop, which may be the winning way for the marketing technology companies in the “fence garden” Internet times.