Announcement | Yiqilian Technology 2016 official website is launched, and it is the right time for the globalization strategy to rise.

  • 2016-07-13 14:13:04
  • jiashixiao

The global mobile big data marketing platform Yiqilian Technology 2016 official website (domain name: is launched officially. Arising from the full-potential rise of Yiqilian’s internationalized resources, user configuration, diversified business line development and big data business ecological construction, Yiqilian 2016 official website more conforms to three targets of brand image, development view and customer value and achieves promotion of the cores such as the classic column reconstruction, innovation plate reveal, high-end and simplified visual presentation, immersive interaction, big data framework and systematized operation.
  Creative style
  The design of official website adopts the flattening and international idea: Simplification, center highlight, efficiency; certainly, it should be based on the premise of “beauty”. The internationalized technology giants such as Microsoft, IBM, Lenovo, iPhone and Oracle, and the global brand higher-ups such as BMW, Coca Cola and TCL practice such idea on their official websites, which can be called the prefect combination of the art and business!
  Content on the website
  The new website covers 6 major navigation columns: News center, E family, Partners, Marketing Solutions, Eric Video and About Yiqilian, which also pays attention to the enterprise culture and industry development and considers the customer experience degree while highlighting Yiqilian's products, business and service modes.
  Yiqilian 2016 official website caters to the new situation and new pattern of the global Internet advertisement marketing and highlights the in-depth arrangement for the new thought of future development and globalized service resource by Yiqilian; Secondly, based on the grand strategy of the enterprise, it mainly explains the implementation of precise and effective service and diversified systematic solution brought by Yiqilian’s internationalized big data.
  Rise of globalization strategy, Yiqilian’s core value
  In 2016, Yiqilian has advanced with the times on the existing basis previously to cater to the industrial development trend and guide the entertainment tide of the big data; It has refused the rough line production, innovated continuously and created multiple accurate and effective Internet marketing solutions in line with the user experience for more market segments, including big data business solution, Internet overseas marketing solution, game global release solution, App Store marketing solution, brand systematic marketing solution, programmatic precision marketing solution, Pan-entertainment self-media marketing solution and socialized precision marketing solution.
  The in-depth globalization strategy has opened a brand-new page for Yiqilian’s global business volume and market implementation, enhanced the integrated marketing and brand management continuously and insisted in priority of the strategic value and promotion of brand value all the time. It has integrated the global top Internet partners such as Google AdWords, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linked in, Baidu and Tencent to create the international brand image by advertisement putting, marketing planning, search engine optimization and others; its business has extended from the region of Greater China to over 180 countries and regions; in addition to the market in China, it covers 1.59 billion international users monthly; its advertising is exposed for 5 billion times in the international market monthly; it has more than 15 kinds of marketing services, advertising originalities and charging forms in the overseas markets.
  Nowadays, Yiqilian is providing a lot of services such as advertising originality, big data collection and optimization, RTB marketing, channel development and operation, mobile games and capital connection. It has more than 35 thousand media and channel partners, which can be subdivided into 20 categories such as the social contact, tool, video and audio, news information, mobile game, socialized application, life and leisure and search, including multiple top resources such as Inmobi, Baidu, Tencent, Xiaomi,, Youku, SNDA, China Unicom and 360. Yiqilian delivers 10,000 advertising originality materials to the world on average every month, and the advertising originality and charging form include the categories such as picture display, information flow, video, and CPA/CPC/CPV/CPM, which can bring the wide group reaching space, diversified choices and more delicate service to the advertisers.
  More than 6,000 brands and Internet entrepreneurs around the world, including the global Top 500 enterprises, cross-border e-commerce giants, international tourism brands, star mobile games and cutting-edge Internet enterprises have realized the perfect shaping of the brand image and significant promotion of the marketing effect by the services provided by Yiqilian. Yiqilian has also been widely recognized in the industry by virtue of its internationalized first-class service level in terms of cross-screen interaction, anti-spamming, advertising optimization, marketing data analysis and systematic integrated marketing.
  After getting ready in 2014 and rapidly advancing in 2015, Yiqilian globalization road has ushered in a new climax in 2016. With “internationalization, valuation, precision” as the marketing view, Yiqilian will better depend on the power of global market, actively recognize and utilize the technology and innovation elements in the global marketing ecology, speed up the integration of the resources and conduct the effective series connection of the external top channels, globalized PMD and cross-screen big data in the world to effectively permeate into the multiple fields such as the people’s livelihood, traffic, communication, Internet, finance, real estate, energy, chemical industry, tourism, food, daily use chemicals, safety and commerce and trade. It has gradually marched towards the middle and high end of the global industry chain, with “depth, effectiveness, high value” as the service concept.