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At present, Yiqilian Technology, taking Dianru Mobile, a China Mobile advertising big data marketing platform and PandaMobo, the integrated Mobile and “Internet +” going-abroad marketing platform as the center, owns ten major solutions with regard to big data commerce, integrated complete brand design, procedural precision, socialization, internet going abroad, government and enterprise going-abroad, e-commerce & foreign trade going-abroad, game going-abroad, App Store integrated marketing and App Store search advertising service. It has served more than 6,500 brands and Internet entrepreneurs around the world, including global Top 500 enterprises, cross-border E-commerce giants, international tourism brands, star mobile games and cutting-edge Internet enterprises, etc.

With “Internationalization, valuation, precision” as the marketing view, Yiqilian Technology has effectively connected the external top channel, globalized PMD and cross-screen big data in series to form the big data marketing solutions with leading advantages, and effectively infiltrate into multiple fields such as the people’s livelihood, transportation, communication, Internet, finance, real estate, energy, chemical industry, tourism, food, cosmetics, security and commerce, etc.