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  1. Wang Xin, from Join-Cheer Digital attended 2016 YeeSight Big Data Summit and talked on Theories I, II, III and IV on big data and marketing.

    “Shudao • Infiniteness” 2016 YeeSight Big Data Summit was held in Beijing on December 29. Wang Xin, from Join-Cheer Digital, was invited, together with Talking Data, a third-party data platform, and the data experts, superior management and leaders from Mobile Internet-The Great Wall Club, to discuss the infinite value of the global big data, as well as the influence and new trend of the application and development of big data on the precise Internet advertising marketing field, with regard to the theme of “coexistence and win-win of big data and the advertising”.

  2. Wangxin won the 2016 mobile marketing outstanding figures prize

    The evening of November 24th Beijing news, 2016TMA Mobile Marketing Summit and the third session of the TMA mobile marketing awards ceremony announced in Beijing, Yiqilian chairman /CEO Wang Xin won the 2016 mobile marketing outstanding figures prize.

  3. Then 2016ChinaJoy Yiqilian force again, Internet solutions flock to Shanghai

    2016ChinaJoy,Yiqilian with its full line of business - Dianru mobile, VFOU, PandaMobo, Dianru games, Baiying Communication exhibitors together.Unlike the previous three sessions, the Yiqilian brand image focused on the interpretation of "the internationalization of large data precision and easy service performance, diversification of the case solutions landing", and occupies the core area of the Convention and Exhibition Center W4 business hall, position is good enough, area is large enough,advancing with the times, to meet the tide of the development of the industry, leading the trend of big data entertainment.

  4. Yiqilian held the Red Scarf Classmate Theme Reception Dinner

    In March 2015, it hosted the Red Scarf Classmate Reception Dinner and invited friends from the mobile Internet industry to get together. Wearing the bright-color red scarf and holding the long-separated student certificate, they reviewed those well-known melodies, cherished the memory of youth together , bubbled with enthusiasm, and lightened the mobile Internet world!

  5. Wang Xin visited Israel; Yiqilian’s globalized business overweighted West Asian market

    In March 2016, Wang Xin visited Israel with GWC. Accompanied by CTO Wen Yunlong, he was met by the Former Prime Minister Perez; Yiqilian Technology’s globalized business overweighted West Asian market. It is unexpected that more than 5,000 emerging companies have appeared in such a country with only8.3 million people; research and development centers of numerous large enterprises gather here such as Google, Barclays Bank, Motorola, Microsoft, General Motors Corporation, SAP, Oracle and Hewlett-Packard, etc..

  6. The whole group of VFOU moved to the new office, and Yiqilian’s we-media business made efforts in full strength

    In April 2016, Yiqilian’s the whole group of Pan-entertainment we-media business department moved to the 600 m2 office area and the we-media business started the full developing mode. In 2015, Yiqilian prepared to build the we-media group, created its own Pan-entertainment products, researched and developed the multiple high-quality we-media products represented by VFOU and Play Lock Screen successively. Currently, VFOU has accumulated a total of more than 5 million users, including nearly 300 thousand daily active users, and has cooperated with more than 550 advertisers involving 20 categories such as mobile game, E-commerce, O2O, P2P financial management, information and tool, including the well-known entrepreneurs such as NetEase News, JD, dianping.com, Vipshop, 360 Mobile Assistant and eHi Car Services, etc.

  7. Yiqilian 2016 New Year Celebrating Party was opened grandly in Beijing

    In January 2016, the New Year Celebrating Party was opened grandly in Beijing, a total of 260 people including Join-Cheer’s VIP guests, members of Yiqilian head office and the business representatives of Dianru in East China, South China and other places gathered on the scene of the party. In 2015, Yiqilian harvested a lot of achievements in the development speed exceeding that of the same industry. The globalized and diversified development arrangement successfully pushed marketing services to overseas, and deeply contained the direction of game and Pan-entertainment we-media. The New Year Celebrating Party served as a link between past and future to demonstrate the new spirit and power of the new year, which was just as what CEO Wang Xin said in his toast: Tears and sweats make us become who we are today; laughing and singing encourage us to move ahead; we thank ourselves of yesterday and imagine a bright future.

  8. Tender April, Impression · Bird’s Nest – Yiqilian Technology’s Global Partner Appreciation Meeting on April 29

    In April 2016, Yiqilian Technology’s Impression Bird’s Nest Appreciation Meeting was held on schedule; the rising popularity, multiple performances, wonderful games and the lucky draw activities on the scene exceeded the expectations; whether the powerful performance of Dianru Mobile, VFOU, PandaMobo and Dianru Games, or the dialogues between the Internet giants on the scene left an unforgettable impression on the industry customers and media, which deeply illustrated Yiqilian’s brand image as a globalized mobile leader.