Focusing on new media-related areas, with the advantages of media resources and channels for grafting, product operations, marketing creative, technology development and large data mining, etc., to help advertisers find most closely matches media and through the media of the amount of reading, forwarding capacity , thumb up, the user gender, region and other data to establish multi-dimensional crowd portrait,precise hit your target users, an effective solution to advertisers ad accuracy requirements, maximize promotion.

01 Advertising Demonstrated Form

  • Headlines
  • Keyword
  • H5 customization
  • Audio & Video
  • Menu bar

02 Core Strengths

  • Multidimensional anti-cheating system +
    big data accurate intelligent delivery;

  • Customized advertising creative +
    reasonable scheme is recommended;

  • 2w + high quality of media resources,
    involving 30 + media types,
    radiation 600 million fans;

  • Advertising and marketing creative
    Nikkatsu exposure over ten million times;

  • Settlement pattern:
    CPT/CPC Independent choice.