Develop optimal overall brand strategy through rigorous brand analysis including brand positioning, market environment, competitive products, and users, combined with advertising creativity, data optimization and crowd orientation technology.

01 Cooperative customer

Now, we have 6500+ brands including global top 500 companies, cross-border e-commerce giant, international tourism brand, star mobile games, the Internet cutting-edge enterprises and rich Internet business service experience.

02 Marketing channels

Marketing channels and forms include ASO, RTB precision advertising, direct response advertising, brand reinforcement, channel agent, optimization service, industry analysis, and dissemination of public relations, etc.

03 Charge mode

Charge modes include CPC, CPS, CPM, CPA, CPV, CPL, CPP, CPT, CTR, etc.

04 Advertising forms

  • Banner
  • Table plaque
  • Full screen
  • Video
  • Information flow

Advertising form including banner, table plaque, full-screen, video, Native information flow etc