The core competition in the mobile Internet era focuses on big data. It is essential to apply the analysis result and effectively get it through so as to achieve real business value of big data. Yiqilian Technology takes "internationalization, valuation and precision" as its marketing field, effectively connects the external top channels, globalized PMD and cross-screen big data in the world, thus forming marketing solutions of big data with leading edge.

01 Big data ecosystem

Private DMP platform data sources, including operator data, Join-Cheer's government and enterprise data, the advertising platform data, social marketing data, third-party statistical data, RTB precipitation data, game operation data, overseas delivery data, own CP data, the full integration of data channels, dig the user portrait, the media portrait,to provide accurate and effective data support for marketing.

02 Data terminal ecology

Effectively connect mobile phone which is the main force of mobile marketing terminal, iPad, and traditional Internet marketing terminal PC, network TV intelligent terminal data, to form a data terminal ecology and to achieve a more accurate analysis and in-depth excavation of user data, which can effectively infiltrate in multiple areas including people's livelihood, transportation, communications, Internet, finance, real estate, energy, chemical industry, tourism, food, cosmetic, security and commerce.

03 Advantage of big data commercial solutions

Cover multi-class quality flow and access the flow to its own DSP as a private one. Enjoy procedural benefits and the welfare of big data, algorithms and automation at the same time Meet advertisers’ KPI demand with accurate and effective first hand data.
Equip with world's leading designer team to do optimal design for localization and develop customized marketing strategy to meet marketing demands in different countries and regions.
Have a leading research team proficient in data mining, crowd analysis and algorithm to provide more than 50 kinds of language service Daily data throughput reaches 3 billion times. Have leading superiority in cross-screen interaction, cross-regional, cross industry service, anti-cheat system, operational optimization and brand case.